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петък, 12 юни 2009 г.

Ilinden Uprizing 1903 revolutionary flags

VMORO flag from Shumen.

VMORO flag of Struga,vardar Macedonia.

Flag of Zabernovo,Trakia. Text in Bulgarian language "Freedom or dead" , "1903 ,vilage Zabernovo" ,and part of the poem of the Bulgarian poet and revolutionist Hristo Botev:
"Тоз, който падне в бой за свобода,
той не умира: него жалеят
земя и небе, звяр и природа
и певци песни за него пеят..."
"He who falls in freedom's fight
Dies not - he's mourned
By earth and sky, Nature and beast,
And singers remember him in song..."

VMORO flag of Smolyan,Trakia.
VMORO Flag of vilage of Zagorichane." Freedom or dead", "20 July,1903,Zagorichane" in Bulgarian language.

VMORO Flag of Demir-Hisar,Bitola Reion,Vardar Macedonia.

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VMORO Kostur flag of the vojvoda Vasil Chekalarov."Freedom or dead,long live Macedonia" in Bulgarian language,Bulgarian coat of Arms,and white,green and red Bulgarian national flags.

Cheta of Vasil Chekalarov in 1908.

Flag of the vojvoda Apostol Petkov.The word "OTECHESTVO" ,Bulgarian word for fatherland is readable on his flag.

Flag of the vojvoda Baltov.

Flag of the vojvoda-General Tsonchev.

Flag of the vojvoda Tane Nikolov."Freedom or dead" and "Freedom of Macedonia" in Bulgarian language.

Flag of the cheta of vojvoda-Poruchik(Bulgarian officer) Boby Stojchev.

"For Macedonia,for Odrinsko" in Bulgarian language.

Flag from Melnik uprising in 1895,also used in Ilinden uprising 1903,"Freedom or dead" in Bulgarian language.

Flag in Museum in Kjustendil.

Flag from Lozengrad. "Do it people,God is with you,Freedom or dead" in Bulgarian language.

"Lozengrad,1903,Macedono-Adrionopol Revolutionary Comitee" in Bulgarian language.

" Razgrad Macedono-Adrionopol Drujestvo" in Bulgarian language.

"Freedom or dead" and "CMORK"(Central Macedono-Adrionopol Revolutionary Comitee) in Bulgarian language.

Flag of Ohrid. "Macedonia,Freedom or dead" in Bulgarian language and white,green and red ,smal Bulgarian flag

Vojvoda Petar Chaulev,member of Central Comitee of VMRO with the Ohrid flag in 1903.

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