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An appeal from the Macedonian Bulgarians to the Great Powers
begging them not to sever them from Bulgaria, their common motherland

May 20th, 1878

The whole world already knows of the age-long sufferings and
torments to which the defenceless Christians have been subjected under
fanatical Turkish rule. It is also well-known that the hellish tortures
which the peace-loving Bulgarian people have, of late, endured through the
unparalleled barbarism of the Turks all over their paternal hearth in
Moesia, Thrace and Macedonia, aroused general indignation throughout the
civilized world, and finally provoked the Russo-Turkish War, which recently
ended with the conclusion in San Stefano of a Peace Treaty between the two
warring sides. The whole Bulgarian people rejoices to see that their wishes
have been fulfilled and their needs satisfied, and we, all the Bulgarians in
Macedonia, by virtue of the San Stefano Treaty, were impatiently awaiting our
liberation from the Turkish bar­barism which still rages over us. But instead
of this, we see with great regret that the local authorities, on the one hand,
and the Greek clergy, on the other, have extorted signatures by various means
from some of our innocent brothers, in order to misuse them, by alleging before
the Great Powers that we are Greeks and want only an improved status quo and not
unification with the newly formed Bulgarian Principality. This unpunished mockery
of our signatures, indeed, of our name and feeling, has deeply grieved us all,
especially since a false declaration of this kind from the Macedonian Bulgarians
may have been presented to Your Excellency. That is why, we, the obedient representatives
of different communes in Macedonia venture to present most humbly our petition,
protesting against every abuse of our signatures and at the same time imploring
Your Excellency, in the name of justice and humanity, to condescend to intercede
with the honourable Government of His Majesty ..., to set up, if it is necessary,
a committee to carry out impartial and reliable in­vestigations, and assure itself
that our wishes and needs are common with and inseparable from those of our Bulgarian
brothers in Moesia and Thrace, thus stifling once and for all the shameless shouts of
the insignificant Greek eleme here, who never cease bothering philanthropic Europe,
with its not feelings and intentions towards the suffering.

Firmly convinced that you will mercifully consider this humble petition ours,
we have the honour to call ourselves Your Excellency's most obedie servants.

Macedonian Bulgarians, representatives of different communes in Macedonia.

Salonica, May 20, 1878 Representatives