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неделя, 8 февруари 2009 г.

VMRO newspapers

VMORO newspaper "Autonomy" from 1903 with info about the Ilinden Uprizing.

VMRO newspaper "Reforms" from 1902.
-From 2.5 milion people in Macedonia, 1.1/4 are Bulgarians.....Bulgarians,turks,greeks,vlahs live there ....Recently political games by some slavic nations try to create one new ethnic group -serbian.....We created one revolutionary organisation in Macedonia suported mainly by the Bulgarian element.....

Macedonian news from 1923-VMRO newspaper in French.

-Population in Macedonia is Bulgarians 48%, Turks 23%, Greeks 11%, Albanians 8%, Vlahs 3-4%......

VMRO newspaper -" Revolutionary List" from 1924 in Bulgarian .

-...VMRO bring under its strong wing Bulgarians,vlahs,turks and albanians......

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